How’s Your Emotional Health?

Take the following quiz to assess your current state of emotional health:

Have you struggled to get to sleep or had broken sleep?
Have you felt tired for no apparent reason?
Has your appetite changed – eating less or more than usual?
Are you drinking more alcohol than usual?
Have you found it more difficult to focus on work?
Have you lost confidence or felt inadequate with work, family or finances?
Have you felt like everything is an effort?
Have you felt as though nothing could cheer you up?
Have you been more irritated or angry with family, friends or colleagues?
Have you found yourself losing your temper at your partner, children or other people around you?
Are you less able to control your responses to people or things that happen?
Have you experienced issues with anxiety or nervousness?
Have you been more worried about the future than usual?
Are you struggling with changes in your health, ageing or other life changes?
Have you lost interest or enjoyment in your usual activities e.g. spending time with family or friends, fishing, sport/physical activity, clubs, hobbies, sex?
Are friends and family asking if you’re all right? Have they said that they are worried about you?

You have now finished the quiz. Press "Submit" to find out your results!